[PANN] Knetz were go crazy over BLACKPINK Jisoo's beauty for 'FOR A DAY MITCHAA'!

 It's For a Day Michaa, wow it's so crazy. 

I want to be Jisoo's fan. 

Personally, the first and last favorite.

Crazy, its so pretty 

+ There are many people who are confused, so the cosmetics brand is MISSHA and the clothing brand is MICHAA! It's a different brand. 

Netizen comment :

(+36,-3) I think the facial feature is perfect.

(+34,-4) Wow, every picture has a different vibe.

(+33,-5) She's a real natural beauty. She's so pretty.

(+16,-2) When did you film a movie without me knowing?

(+16,-2) It's just a behind-the-scenes movie poster cut. I'm grateful for the Foraday, and I'm sorry that I can't do it three thousand times a day.

(+15,-2) This picture is the outfit pretty and Jisoo also pretty. 

(+13,-1) What is this I really like it. 

(+12,-1) She's really charming. 

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