[PANN] Knetz can't help but in love with BLACKPINK Jisoo's natural and pure beauty in her Instagram Update.

 Wow what's with the face, I'm too shocked to see this. 

...Who's the real flower? 

Netizen comments : 

(+71,-4) I want to steal your face... So pretty.

(+53,-5) Chuu's face is crazy; she should build a country, Chuu... King Jisoo

(+44,-4) Face genius, so pretty ㅠㅠ

(+16,0) By my standards, a girl idol's face is the one-top, pure, natural beauty of nature.

(+15,-1) It's great to have a beautiful face and create a variety of atmosphere.

(+11,-1) You look great with black hair.

(+9,-1) She is smart, humble and beautiful.

(+9,0) Wow really crazy, she's so pretty. 

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