Knetz shares their thought about 2021 Weibo Power Star Rankings, ft. IU, BLACKPINK, Girls Generation Yoona and more.

 2021 Weibo Power Star Rankings. Unrivaled.

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Netizens comments :

- Thats right. There were a lot of Chinese fans. She has gotten better after filming the drama.

- Hotel Del Luna is so famous, isn't it? 

- The drama sold well in China.

- Becoming bigger during the drama

- IU BLACKPINK is popular in China these days.

- IU, BLACKPINK, Yoona, and Hyomin are so popular among female singers.

- IU really popular in China. 

- Heol. They're all Koreans. Only Koreans are ranked.

- Song Jihyo is amazing. 

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