Knetz shares mixed reaction to Actress Go Minsi's mask size on her way to the press conference of her drama.

 I think it's a lot bigger than the regular size, but all the other actors wore the right size, but she's the only one who used the bigger one, so... 

Fix your make-up or what is that? Are you avoiding the virus?

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Netizens comments :

- You should wear mask properly, why do you use it like that? 

- It's really big. 

- Oh my.. 

- I'm tired. I didn't take off my mask at all.

- I heard she used it only for a short time when she got out of the car and moved.

- The other picture shows that you changed it properly.

- Maybe it's because of the makeup? 

- Isn't there a standard mask size standard for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety? Then isn't it just a large size?

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