The production company of drama 'River Where The Moon Rises' filed a lawsuit against Actor Jisoo's agency.


The production company of KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama "River Where The Moon Rises" filed a compensation suit against the agency of actor Jisoo, who dropped out of the main role due to school violence.

Victory Contents, a drama production company, announced on the 2nd that it filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court for damages worth 3 billion won to recover from additional production costs caused by the replacement of the main character.

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Netizens comments :

- I feel sorry for the Keyeast, but it hasn't been long since Jisoo's personal case or Keyeast joined.

- They're going to do it with Jisoo. Maybe the company gets paid by Jisoo.

- Good job. 

- You said you'd lose a lot of money.

- 3 billion or less. 

- Honestly, it's more than 3 billion won, but if they don't negotiate properly, they're all screwed.

- Fighting. 

- I feel bad for the agency. 

- I feel bad for Keyeast. 

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