Knetz throwback about the background of the drama's drop off three years ago of Actor Kim Junghyun and his hiatus.

 While actor Kim Junghyun is in an exclusive contract dispute with his agency O& Entertainment, the "11-month hiatus" without Kim Junghyun has emerged as a key issue. In particular, attention is focusing again on the background of the drama's drop-off three years ago, which directly triggered the 11-month hiatus.

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Netizen comments : 

- Kim Junghyun didn't make eye contact with Seohyun on the set, didn't say hello, and stayed in the car when he rested. He often showed signs of discomfort when there was a love scene. Once Seohyun touched his hand, he wiped his hands roughly with wet wipes as soon as the acting was over, and Seohyun burst into tears on the set when he saw it, not sure if it was a misunderstanding.

- Wet wipes are really too much... Oh, but I'm really upset that other actors are mentioned all the time.

- Uh-huh. If that's true, it's really too much.

- It's too much. I'm upset about everything.

- It's uncomfortable for me to keep mentioning Kim Junghyun, but I'm afraid the person and the fans are going to be really upset.

- An actress is not guilty at the time and now...I feel sorry for the actress who is mentioned continuously, apart from her bad acting. And that's a real professional problem.

- It's so rude to look at the details. Is this real?

- It's so ridiculous if it's real. Isn't Seohyun a senior to Kim Junghyun?

- What is this.

- What's going on?? 

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