Dispatch shares more picture following the dating rumors of Actress Seo Jihye and Actor Kim Junghyun, Knetz shares mixed reaction.

 Seo Jihye (37) and Kim Junghyun (31). Will love between the two crash landing?

"That's absurd."

"Culture Warehouse" (Seo Jihye's agency) strongly denied the rumors of their romantic relationship on the 8th. "It's true that the two knew each other, but they're never in a relationship," he responded.

However, Seo Jihye and Kim Junghyun's love is ongoing. Since the end of the drama, they have been in love for a year. The sad ending was changed to a happy ending in reality.

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Netizens comments :

- Dispatch again. 

- It's Dispatch. 

- Ah I really hate Dispatch. 

- They don't have to spend any of this.

- Whoa Dispatch again 

- Ah Dispatch stop please. 

- Ah... 

- What are you doing, stalking this situation and taking pictures of people without public interest?

- I really like Sasaeng Dispatch. 

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