Actors Lee Dongwook, Han Jimin, Kang Haneul, Girls Generation Yoona and more have confirmed their appearance in movie 'Happy New Year', Knetz comments.

The movie "Happy New Year" has established an all-time casting lineup. Han Jimin, Lee Dongwook, Kang Haneul, Im Yoonah, Won Jinah, Seo Kangjoon, Lee Kwangsoo, Kim Youngkwang, Ko Sunghee, Lee Jinwook, Lee Kyuhyung, Cho Joonyoung, Won Jian, Lee Hyeyoung and Jung Jinyoung have confirmed their appearances.

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Netizen comments : 

- Wow..

- Kang Haneul x Yoona love line? 

- Heol.

- It's amazing, I will watch it. 

- Kang Haneul Yoona wow..

- Wow amazing.

- What's with the casting. 

-  Heol crazy I need to watch it. 


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