SM Entertainment denied the recent rumors about TVXQ Yunho trying to run away from the police.

 This is SM Entertainment.

Today, we have reported something different from the facts regarding U-Know Yunho, so we would like to share our position on this matter.

It is an obvious fault that U-Know Yunho failed to comply with the quarantine rules, and he deeply reflects on himself, but he never did anything wrong except violate the quarantine rules.

U-Know Yunho only went to the place where his friend told him to come after receiving a call from a friend who wanted to talk about his concerns, and it was the first place he visited that day.

Also, U-Know Yunho spent time only with his friends at the place, and there was no female employee present at all. At the time of the crackdown, there were only managers at the site for payment, not female employees.

And U-Know Yunho never tried to escape. Rather, he cooperated faithfully with the police and related public officials' execution of official duties, and immediately checked his identity at the scene and was returned home. Some of his friends, who had not recognized him as a police officer, protested in embarrassment when about a dozen plainclothes police suddenly came in and cracked down, but this happened regardless of U-Know Yunho.

I am deeply sorry for the fact that it was reported differently from the truth without proper confirmation.

He will be punished for his wrongdoing, but please refrain from making groundless assumptions.

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- Did MBC intentionally make a false report? 

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