IZ*ONE confirm to disband in April and will be back to the representative agencies to continue their activities.

 Group IZ*ONE will eventually disband.

According to multiple K-pop officials on the 10th, IZ*ONE agreed to disband after working until April as scheduled because they could not narrow differences between the agencies over the extension of the contract. Members of IZ*ONE are expected to continue their activities after disbanding.

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Netizens comments :

- Oh finally... 

- You've work hard ㅠㅠ

- That was a good song. But it's only natural to break up. I'll take it down and cheer for your great activities.

- I don't even have a conscience to think about extending it.

- Corona... Corona... please end it in two days.

- I'm not a fan, but I'm sorry they need to did it online.

I can't even see the last one.

- Woollim Starship I'll support you... Too bad it's online. 

- So it's official. 

- You've work hard. 

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