APRIL Naeun will be dropping out from drama 'Taxi Driver' following the bullying controversy.

 April Lee Naeun, who is accused of bullying her colleague, will drop out of the drama.

An official from a drama told Daily Sports on the 8th, "Lee Naeun has finally decided to drop out of SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Taxi Driver,' and we will find an actor to replace Lee Naeun and film again."

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Netizen comment :

- Heol. 

- It's a relief.

- Is this true? 

- Wow. 

- Yes!!! 

- That's a relief. 

- Heol nice ㅠㅠ

- I like it ㅠㅠ Really. 

- I'm glad to hear that. I'm comfortable now. 

- It's a relief, I can watch the drama then. 

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