Singer IU shares boygroup ONF's Eight cover in Instagram, Knetz comments.


Eight Cover Video (1:02 Start)

ONF who made a comeback with beautiful beautiful

Listen to the new song.

It's a third-generation idol, and it's produced by Hwang Hyun.

The story of the second generation of rock songs...

It's an amazing group.

If you're a K-pop lover, make sure to listen to it! 😁

And "I'll Love You" is the best song ever.

It's a popular song, so I recommend it. 

Please support and  listens to albums when they come out! 

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Netizens comments :

- I really like it. 

- ONF fighting! 

- I love this song. I love the cover.

- The voice is amazing! 

- Amazing, that's great! 

- They're really good at singing. 

- It's crazy. 

- They're good. 

- ONF the best ㅠㅠ

- Ah... I really like it? It's crazy. 

- It's great. 

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