[PANN] Knetz talks about Girlgroup with the most beautiful outfit in their opinions!

 TWICE IZ*ONE is the prettiest, right? There's a lot of people, but they're slightly different, and they're all pretty.

Netizens comments :

(+149,-4) For me it's WJSN. They never look not pretty since debut. 

(+129,0) I like TWICE Coordi the most. 

(+79,-7) TWICE is like a daughter of a chaebol(rich) family, and IZ*ONE is always wearing a lot of fairy-like clothes.

(+50,-2) I was the only one who liked this outfit. Let's go with the obsession concept one more time, please.

(+48,-7) I like TWICE with hi-teen feeling. 

(+40,-4) Agree, all of outfit in panorama looks pretty. 

(+32,0) TWICE Stylish is really pretty. 

(+27,-4) BLACKPINK is beautiful, luxurious and unique.

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