INFINITE Kim Sungkyu exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment reportedly will expire in March, Knetz comments.

 According to a Star News report on the 22nd, Kim Sungkyu's exclusive contract with Woollim Entertainment will expire in March.

Kim Sungkyu is still discussing renewing his contract with Woollim Entertainment, but he is reportedly in contact with several agencies and has opened up various possibilities.

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Netizens comments :

- Sungkyu I will always support you! ♡

- Sungkyu will do well wherever he goes. I'll cheer for you!

- Heol. 

- Fighting! 

- I'm surprised. 

- I understand, he will do well. 

- Leave woollim. 

- Sungkyu will choose wisely.

- Let's leave woollim Sungkyu-ya ㅠㅠ

- Kim Sungkyu do whatever you want! 

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