Actor Jo Byungkyu's agency, HB Entertainment to take a legal action for the malicious comments and false information regarding Actor Jo Byungkyu, Knetz react.

Next is HB Entertainment's official Statement.

Hello, I'm HB Entertainment CEO Na Byungjoon.

I'm officially positioning myself regarding the dissemination of malicious comments and false information to Actor Jo Byungkyu.

We inform you that we have officially requested a police investigation and have launched a related investigation into the case in order to hold the person responsible for the indiscriminate malicious comments and false information posted through the online community.

We will no longer stand by and take legal responsibility for any criminal acts that produce and spread malicious rumors about our actors, depending on the outcome of our future investigations, we will take legal responsibility without any leniency or agreement.

HB Entertainment will continue to respond more strongly to illegal activities that undermine the reputation of its actors (spreading false information and writing malicious comments), and will do our best to protect the rights and interests of its actors.

Thank you.

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Netizens comments :

- I will support the legal action. 

- Fighting. 

- I want you to sue them all. Really. 

- There's a lot here. 

- It's relief, fighting. 

- There are a lot of malicious kids out there, and I hope they get sued.

- Fighting. Never be kind to them. 

- Yesterday's comments were crazy. You should sue The Qoo, too. please

- You need to get him here, too.

- please sue them ㅠㅠ 

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