The writer of OCN drama 'The Uncanny Counter', Yeo Jina reportedly dropped out of the drama, Knetz shares mixed reaction.


According to a report by Sport News on the 17th, Yeo Jina, the writer of OCN's Saturday-Sunday drama "The Uncanny Counter," dropped out of the drama.

Yeo Jina recently stopped writing 'The Uncanny Counter' and left the drama team. There was some disagreement with the production team over the story development in the second half, so they couldn't finish the drama and decided to drop out. According to officials, there was no major conflict, and they discussed it after a long conversation for a good end to the drama.

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Netizens comment :

- Drama is writer's play!!

- No wonder it's so different from the beginning. I miss the beginning.

- As expected. 

- I didn't see you yesterday. Should I just get off?

- ep 13? I've had a lot of fun since the 11th.

- Heol. 

- OCN bring the writer back.. 

- Don't you know the writer's play for the drama? 

- What should we do? 

- Comeback. 

- I suddenly thought it was weird to lose interest...

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