Popular drama "Hotel Del Luna" reportedly will return with a musical adaptation, Knetz react.

 Popular drama "Hotel Del Luna" will return as a musical.

tvN drama "Hotel Del Luna," produced by Studio Dragon, will be produced as a creative musical in 2022. Production is all the more anticipated as Showplay, which produced various genres of performances from musicals to concerts.

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Netizens comments :

- Heol wow. 

- Oh that's amazing. 

- Oh my. If we make this a musical, it's going to be awesome.

- Wow. 

- Wow that's amazing, it's coming as musical. 

- Heol. Who's the main character. 

- Wasn't there a plagiarism controversy? Or was it another drama?

- It's not plagiarism. It's just that the writer plagiarized it in another piece.

- I don't know if this work is plagiarism or not.

- Oh Hotel Del Luna is fun. 

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