[PANN] Knetz shares their thought about (G)I-DLE concept photo for the upcoming comeback 'I BURN'!


Netizens comments :

(+54,-5) Crazy, Sujin and Shuhua in hanbok.. 

(+52,-1) Minnie has red hair and white eyeliner.

(+35,-1) I almost cried when I heard the sound of Gayageum, but seeing the hanbok, I'm so moved.

(+26,0) Our Miyeon ♡

(+24,0) I felt like I could get a better picture.

(+16,-1) Shuhua looks like she lost a lot of weight.

(+13,-1) Yes, Shuhua's atmosphere is crazy.. Soojin looks prettier than her dark red makeup.

(+12,0) Miyeon hair make up really suits her and the short hair too. 

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