Knetz shares their thought and listed all the Netflix series and drama line up in 2021!


Le Casa De Papel Korean version 


Love Alarm 2

The sea of silence 

Round six

Move to heaven 

Juvenile Judgement 


Now at Our School 

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Netizens comments :

- Heol Kim Hyesoo filming a drama?! 

- Heol. 

- Ah amazing. 

- Ah all of them looks fun. 

- Le Casa De Papel??? 

- Heol Le Casa De Papel... I want to watch it soon.. 

- Wow it's the best. 

- Heol Gong Yoo Bae Doona coming together. 

- Le Casa De Papel Korean version??? 

- Wow the line up is crazy. 

- I can't wait for Now at Our School. 

- Ah Kingdom 3 please come out soon. 

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