Knetz react to Jung Ilwoo and Girls Generation Yuri as the main lead of MBN upcoming drama 'Bossam - Stealing Destiny'

 The romance-based historical drama "Bossam - Stealing Destiny" has confirmed the formation of MBN in the spring of 2021.

This is what the drama is like.

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Netizens comments :

- It's pretty old-fashioned.

- Oh its pretty. 

- Yuri's head is pretty.Hanbok looks good on you, too.

- Wow, you look really good with that hair.

- What's with the title.. 

- You have a pretty head.

- I was surprised that the first picture was Yuri.

- The drama title is Bossam? 

- I thought the first picture is Yuri. 

- Heol it looks good. 

- Wow, Yuri is so pretty. You look great in historical dramas.

- So pretty and classy. 

- Wow the visual, Yuri so pretty. 

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