Knetz gets excited to see the combination of TVXQ Yunho and Actress Shin Yeeun in the upcoming comeback MV!

 It's a song in the album, but the music video will be released at 12 

(feat. Shin Yeeun) 

It's about a broken-up lover who can't forget each other and can't fall asleep.

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Netizens comments :

- Oh my it's amazing. 

- Heol. There's no age difference at all.

- Wow Yunho oppa.. 

- I saw this combination on Shin Yeeun's Instagram and I didn't even imagine it. I was surprised that it looked good on her.

- You two look like the same age...No way.

- Wow, both of their face is no joke.ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Yunho where did you really get older?

- Wow the chemistry is the best.. Where is it from?? 

- Whoa oppa. 

- Wow it's crazy. 

- Whoa what is this, heol. 

- Whoa... What is this face... Both of their face.. 

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