Knetz amazed at Boygroup WAYV Anniversary Goods and how pretty it is!

 New debut celebration goods line-up of wayv, which is January 17th.

1. Memory glass cup set (rest table name per member)

2. Oil type perfume set (including frame decoration where members' messages are written)

3. Necklace.

The title of Wayv's debut song appears when you look at the center of the truth closely

4. Suncatcher

Design with Wayv Group logo pattern

They choose it well. 

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Netizens comments :

- Wow what's with the quality  it's crazy. 

- So beautiful. 

- I really love the dream catcher. 

- The necklace is pretty. 

- Really pretty. 

- I'm amazed. 

- Come on, it's my idol birthday! Oh, this year's is so pretty.

- The dream catcher is crazy. 

- SM have been working hard in the goods these days, I will look forward in December. 

- Heol pretty. 

- Wow what is this, pretty. 

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