GOT7 Yugyeom reportedly will leaves JYP Entertainment and join AOMG after contract expires, Knetz react.

 Group GOT7 Yugyeom leaves JYP Entertainment.

According to a report on the 6th, Yugyeom, whose exclusive contract expires in January, plan to sign an exclusive contract with the hip-hop label AOMG. Yugyeom, who has been in contact with various management companies since last year over his move after the expiration of his contract with JYP, recently decided to become AOMG led by Park Jaebeom.

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Netizens comments :

- Heol. 

- Heol??? 

- I thought it was going to be something.

- Whoa.. 

- Huh??? Really?? 

- Amazing. 

- GOT7 contract is over?? 

- I will continue to support you. 

- Oh? 

- You said you weren't going to renew Yugyeom's contract at Gall, but it was true.

- But it's a great opportunity for an individual. AOMG. 

- What a surprise!

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