Part of the lineup of "Kingdom" has been unveiled through "2020 MAMA", Knetz react.

 Part of the lineup of "Kingdom" has been unveiled through "2020 MAMA."

THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, and Stray Kids appeared on the day with a spectacular performance. At the end of the stage, the three teams were intrigued by the performance of reaching out to one crown.

Since then, the logo of "Kingdom" has appeared, giving an idea of the appearance of "Kingdom" by THE BOYZ, ATEEZ and Stray Kids.

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Netizen comments :

- It's just Road to Kingdom 2...

- I can't believe it's Kingdom with that lineup.

- ATEEZ fighting! 

- THE BOYZ, don't get hurt.

- I will look forward to Stray Kids. 

- Wow they're coming, Stray Kids will do well fighting. 

- It's going to be fun ㅎㅎ

- Stray Kids fighting! 

- Even if you talk too much, you'll come out and raise your fandom and gain more.

- Crazy, my idol. 

- Wow ㅋㅋㅋ 

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