[PANN] Knetz react to BLACKPINK Rosè who show some support to member Jisoo with a coffee truck!

 Now that I see it, she doesn't look like idol. She looks like an Actress. 

Netizens comments :

(+156,-20) Idol make up and Actor make up, she's good at everything. 

(+132,-22) I love Jisoo so much. I saved the first picture because it's so pretty. I agree with you that it's like Tang Wei. 

(+94,-13) So pretty. 

(+71,-1) That's a good movie.

(+49,-6) This picture explains why she was cast in Seol Ganghwa as a female college student in the '80s.

(+40,-1) She's pretty. 

(+30,0) She's like a first love. 

(+25,0) Park Chaeyoung Kim Jisoo. 

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