Knetz talks about which one they like the most from aespa Karina's hairstyle between with and without bangs!

 The one with bangs (the opinion that you look cuter and Bangs down, etc.)


The one without bangs (the opinion that you look the prettiest when you show your forehead because you have a small face, etc.)

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Netizens comments :

- For me with Bangs. 

- I'm sure she look the best with everything, but I love your hair is so pretty.

- Without. 

- She looks like Disney characters. 

- I like both. 

- Her Bangs make it a little prettier. 

- her bangs are the prettiest with five large bangs.

- She looks prettier without it. 

- It's looks luxurious and sexy. So pretty. 

- Without Bangs. 

- Both ㅠㅠ 

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