Knetz shares their thought about Golden Disc Awards's singer accumulated number of score in recent update.

 Record 60 judge 40 Definitely has a lot of female idol songs!!!!!!!

Looking at the comments, the aggregation period might be different, so I'm going to raise it to 2020.

Post response : 949

Netizens comments :

- Wow the judge score is high

- Isn't Noeul machine? 

- But if it's 40...

- Wow Meteor is amazing

- Last year's review showed that it was sajaegi and I don't think this year will make a big difference. They don't have as much money as they did last year.

- But this is also before the release of the candidates, so can we look at the next update?

- I don't know, but what's the cumulative Gaon index?

- Heol MAMAMOO ㅠㅠㅠ

- IU ♡

- Wow Meteor. 

- wow psycho

That's bigger than I thought. Please give it to me.

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