Knetz shares their opinions about Actor Jo Byunggyu's amazing acting in his OCN Drama 'The Uncanny Counter'!

 OCN drama has never been difficult and suspicious.

Rookie Actor are getting close to 10 percent viewership on One-Top Road, and the acting is getting positive reviews.

I wonder if he will win the Rookie of the Year award next year.

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Netizen comment :

- Absolutely too much. ㅋㅋㅋ

- I wish he will be rising ㅠㅠ

- By the way, is Jo Byunggyu in the rookie award standard?

- Isn't Jo Byunggyu will be weird for rookie award?? He's more than that. 

- Are there other nominees for the rookie award? I don't see this, but it's worth the Rookie of the Year award.

- Give him, please give him ㅠㅠ

- I wonder if he can win an award at the end of the year from OCN ㅋㅋㅋ

- Jo Byunggyu is not for rookie award. 

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