Knetz discuss about which character do you hate the most in drama 'Penthouse' among the three!

 Which character do you hate the most among the three?
Joo Dante and Chen Seojin were the two most repulsive mountain ranges.

Oh Yoonhee has been added as of today 

Post response : 21439

Netizens comments :

- Oh Yoonhee ^^

- Oh Yoonhee. I really hate her. 

- I hate Yoonhee the most. 

- Oh Yoonhee is getting closer to the final boss.

- Joo Dante today's scene is the worst. You're a total asshole.

- Oh Yoonhee is really bad ㅠㅠ

- Oh Yoonhee—

- Oh Yoonhee and Joo Dante. 

- I hate three of them. 

- Oh Yoonhee is really too much. 

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