Knetz amazed with the Actors and Actress line up for upcoming JTBC Drama 'Hush!


It's amazing.. 

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Netizen comments : 

- Looks like you've done a great job casting your looks... Looks are like the kind of reporter we usually think of. There's something like that.

- Wow, that's no joke. The actors...

- It's like a movie.

- The start of the 11 o'clock special (pre-release special) Please show a lot of support! 

- I want to see it soon. 

- Wow amazing. 

- There's a lot of my favorite actors ć… ć… ć… ć… 

- I can't wait to see it šŸ’–ć… ć… 

- Hwang Jungmin is amazing. 

- It's been a long time since Hwang Jungmin appeared in a drama.

- Oh it's going to be fun. 

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