Knetz amazed at how luxurious BLACKPINK Jennie's house in her Instagram update.


The tree is so big and pretty. 

Its Jennie's house and she live in BLACKPINK's dorm! The background of Lisa's photo is in the new building (It's like a tree.

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Netizens comments:

- That's her house...? 

- Jennie and the tree is pretty! 

- Wow the tree is amazing. 

- Heol it's so big. 

- It's not a house. It's the same tree as Lisa's picture. I think I saw it in the new building.

- I'd look like a grandmother in that dress.

- Our Jendeuk Marry Christmas. 

- So envy.. The tree is beautiful. 

- I thought Lisa was here, but she's in the new building.

- Wow.. 

- Wow it's like foreign house. 

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