RED VELVET reportedly will make a comeback soon with more mature look, Knetz comments.

 CEO Lee Sungsoo of SM. Red Velvet is making a comeback soon.

 "There has been some controversy recently, but we have sincerely apologized for that, and Red Velvet will be back soon with a more mature look. Please look forward to it, show your interest and support." Comeup 2020 main conference announcement.

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Netizens comments :

- I don't want spend it with Irene.

- Where's the sincere apology..? 

- I feel like there will be no change in the choreography or the part. Isn't it over already? It's because of this mindset.

- Sm really only chooses unanswered actions.

- Wow, you're really just paying for it.

- It's really amazing.It's like the agency that was mentioned without falling into the three major agencies.

- Don't you think about the agency's image??? 

- ᅮᅮI can see Seulgi!!!

- It's kind of...? 

- ?

- Ah, but I think it's hard to see it because it's so different from what I originally thought...

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