[PANN] Knetz were gone mad after saw the dangerous choreography of boygroup TREASURE in their new song 'MMM'.

 It's a YG rookie group, Treasure.

Each member is stepped on three times.

Can you believe the choreography?

He's stepping on it like that.

We've done a lot of pre-recordings and practices.

I think it's weird not to get hurt.

What do you think?

It's shaking on the back of a member.

Netizens comment :

(+156,-3) 3 times at a time? What, did the CEO want to fight??? 

(+118,-3) How's your back?..

(+104,-3) If they're practice and pre-recording, he's going to be really hard. The one up there looks dangerous.

(+52,0) And the part is 4 seconds long and there's no solo shot in the music video, so it's understandable that Jaehyuk's best kids are angry.

(+43,0) The choreographer is weird. If you're a dancer, don't you know that's dangerous?

(+38,0) I've been sending DM to the choreographer to tell him not to step on it since the debut, but he's going to change it if anyone gets hurt.

(+26,0) I can't believe there was a dangerous choreography that surpassed nct black on black....Oh, my God.

(+26,0) I'm an incoming fan, but I hope all the YG boy idol staff members will be replaced. Yang Hyunsuk, are you going out and not paying attention? Did you have a strong breath when you were with Yang Hyunsuk?

(+24,0) One person? Your back must be hurting.

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