[PANN] Knetz throwback about the legendary collaboration of TWICE Jihyo, BLACKPINK Rosè, BTOB Sungjae,GFRIEND Yuju, and Kim Jaehwan!

 Legendary view count among other group singers on stage

I keep going to see pretty and handsome guys because they're good at singing.

I had some complaints about the screaming and the boys' parts, but there's no perfect stage.

GFRIEND Yuju, BTOB Yook Sungjae, TWICE Jihyo, BLACKPINK Rosè WANNA ONE Kim Jaehwan. 

Netizens comments :

(+77,-6) Yuju is legend here. 

(+64,-3) Yook Sungjae the sub-vocal? 

(+42,-6) I heard that Yuju's voice was too loud, so I heard that Yuju's voice was only in tune with Yuju's.

(+18,-1) That video shows Yuju being one of the third generation vocalists.

(+17,0) I liked this, and Mystic White song, but Dazzling Red is no joke. Kang Jiyoung was so pretty.

(+14,-17) Rosè is really good. 

(+12,0) Other people are so good, but Yuju is really awesome. If you look at the comments in that video, please listen to her praise.

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