[PANN] Knetz in love with TREASURE concept, choreography, visual and more in the teaser for upcoming comeback!

 Today, November 6th, at 6pm, we will make a comeback with a song called ✨MMM✨,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

It's a concept video and a performance video below, but the gunshot is impressive ^ᄉ(Hyperlink)




Anyway, pretty girls, when the song comes out, please listen to it once.

Netizens comment :

(+46,-2) But the smell of TREASURE song this time... Please show a lot of support to Treasure. 

(+42,-2)  Please show support at 6pm today! 

(+38,-2) The first song written by Treasure is Asahi, who was called "Treasure Blonde." Lots of oranges in the album.

(+16,0) Kim's twin brothers fair dance is crazy. 

(+15,0) I'll be open for a while. There are few Korean fans, but I think yg will send them abroad right after Corona. We're a little desperate.ㅠㅠㅠ

(+12,0) I saw the teaser and Junghwan killing part is amazing ㅠㅠㅠ

(+11,0) You can watch "Treasure Map" on YouTube. It's fun and funny even if you're not a Treasure fan. They're so young and honest. So, play it when you have time. Funnier than real entertainment

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