Knetz talks about Pledis Entertainment statement regarding NU'EST Baekho real ranking and more in Produce.

 An official from Kang Dongho's agency Pledis said on News1 on the 18th, "I think it is fortunate that Baekho (Kang Dongho) was found to have been victimized even if it's late," adding, "We will watch CJ ENM's future actions."


Currently, there are many opinions in various communities that producer Ahn, who was sentenced to prison, said in court that he eliminated Kang Dongho because he hinted at getting off the train. Pledis replied, "It's not true."

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Netizen comments :

- What kind of damage have you done as the mastermind?

- What are you saying?? 

- What? 

- Heol what is this.. 

- I mean, Pledis didn't ask Kang Dongho to leave voluntarily.

- The voluntary dropout was what the C.P. talked to the prosecution, not on the ground of the verdict.

- So, isn't that trainee Kang Dongho?

- You didn't tell me you'd quit? Omg.

- Isn't that what the cp said not true?

- So, Kang Dongho was eliminated for manipulation, and Kang Dongho was the other one who said he was going to be out?

- Isn't it the prosecution's announcement that they're willing to leave voluntarily? This doesn't make sense.

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