Knetz talks about BTS new album 'BE' who come to the 2nd place in the Top 50 Album sales!

 The price has doubled compared to the previous album, no random photo cards, and recorded 2.27 million albums in a single album.

Congratulations on second place in history ❣

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Netizens comments;  

- Ha ♡

- ♡

- Wow as expected BTS! Congratulations! 

- Kya ♡♡

- You were growing up well even if you didn't care... I'm proud of you.

- I looked up and found that the price was expensive, so the sales of the ON album exceeded 4.3 million.. 

- g... Grow yourself.. 

- 227? That's a relief. It was 226.9 earlier. I thought it was another 9.

- Honestly, I love the album. I love it.

- You grew up well ♡

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