Knetz sharez mixed reaction to SM new girl group 'aespa' virtual member's new teaser for the upcoming debut.

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 Netizens comment :

-Wow this is really look like KDA..

- They doesnt look like Karina and Ningning at all.. 

- Wow, you're a 9-head figure. That's awesome.

- Are you sure you're just gathering all the kids?ㅋㅋㅋ

It's the best ever.

- It looks like a robot if you shorten your legs, but it's pretty.

- Wow, body shape... objectification, chest, waist, pelvis, etc. a little less...

- Who's Ningning who's Giselle?? 

- it's oo similar to kda. Did you aim for it, SM?

- Ah the outfit.. 

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