Knetz shares their thought about SM Entertainment quality in the teaser for their upcoming girlgroup 'æspa'


 It's been 6 years since they released a girl group, so I bet you put a lot of effort into it.
Photographs, videos, things that are a little lacking in sense.

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Netizens comments :

- Crazy, but somehow it doesn't feel like sm. 

- This is Avatar concept. There's a music video next week and a teaser photo? It's still coming out on the 17th.

- Is it Min Hee-jin after all?

- What's Synk? 

- To be honest, if it wasn't for SM Brand, it would be different quality. 

- It will be packaged as a name value soon, but the concept of quality that would have been buried right away if it had come from small and medium sized companies...

- If you've done that concept, you should either pick a good video or quality, or you could really use a medium cartoon format or something like that....and spend money on something weird.

- They've spent a lot of money on ai, so they've got to make it here.
There will be a fixed production cost.

- I'm not a fan of Sm but I like the teaser. 

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