Knetz shares their thought about JTBC current drama with only 1% ratings.

 The first episode of "LiveOn" on Monday and Tuesday 1.3%

For your information, Penthouse and Kairos were canceled yesterday.

<Private Life> latest episode 1.5%-1.9%.

Friday and Saturday, 1.4% to 1.3% of the latest episode of  <More than Friend> 

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Netizen comments : 

- Aigoo..

- These days, the cleanliness of the mid-air wave is low. But Live On is Monday and we had our first show on Tuesday.

- Just looking at the lineup of the main characters makes sense.

- It's been struggling near the end, and I think they have pretty good effort early this year.

- All of them are idols.

- Just looking at it, there's no weight in the lineup. Don't you have money?

- Live On. Is that a regular program? It looks like a web drama.

- It just seems like a line-up that I don't want to see.

- You're out of the room. That's serious.

- Isn't it Live On Webdrama? It came out better than I thought.

- The line up is really.. 

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