Knetz shares their thought about the Female Idol and Actress who almost made their debut as aespa.

 L SM rookie girl group aespa entered the entertainment industry with an "Avatar concept" that has never been seen before.

aespa, who excelled in not only fresh concept but also visual and skills, became a "superstar" following their debut on the 17th.

Perhaps because of that attention is coming to the trainee who almost made it to the group. 

If they had remained in SM Entertainment, they might have made their debut as aespa.

Let's meet six female idols who almost achieved their dreams of becoming singers as members of the mysterious and dreamy girl group aespa.

1. 'woo!ah!' Wooyeon

The first main character is Woo!ah! Wooyeon who plays the visual role.

Wooyeon, who had been a trainee at SM Entertainment in the past, moved to NV Entertainment and debuted in the first half of this year.

2. 'woo!ah!' Nana

Just like Wooyeon, member Nana spent her trainee years at SM.

Nana is attracting fans with her haughty cat-like visuals.

Rumor has it that Nana has already been famous for her beauty since middle school. 

3. 'Rocket Punch' Dahyun

Rocket Punch's Dahyun, who is 16 years old and has a perfect visual, also briefly joined SM.

Dahyun is drawing attention by showing her legendary visual whenever she is on stage.

4. Park Jungyeon

Singer Park Hakgi's daughter Park Jungyeon was cast as an SM trainee in 2015.

When Park Jungyeon moved to Keyeast last year, she turned into an actor and drew attention.

5. Xu Yiyang

Xu Yiyang is famous for being from SM Rookies.

She joined SM Entertainment in 2014 and left in 2018.

6. Weeekly Jihan

The last main character is Jihan, who is active as Weeekly.

Jihan, the lead vocalist and lead dancer, has a charming visual with dimples.

Fans are reacting that SM has missed the best talent.

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Netizens comments : 

- Nana Wooyeon Jihan pretty. 

- Jihan really pretty.. 

- Jihan is cute. 

- Yiyang really my type, too bad ㅠㅠㅠ

- All pretty and have been working hard. 

- It's like an article for Girls Generation before ㅋㅋㅋ

- Nana resembles Irene. 

- I don't know Jihan used to be in SM. 

- Dahyun so pretty~

- Pretty... 

- Xu Yiyang really beautiful... 

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