Knetz shares their opinions about TWICE Momo live performance and real voice.

It's not that she can't doing it and being unanswered, but she can sing her part in a range or style song.

I'm not saying that she's good at live. It's just being ridiculed.

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Netizens comments :

- The real range of TWICE song is too high ㅠㅠㅠ 

- Is this a good live? How low are your expectations?

- I knew that within TWICE fandom, the standard of being okay is very different from other groups...

- Oh it's fine for me. 

- I think it's okay, but I think the pronunciation is really a problem. It's been six years, plus Sana and Mina, and they're always so bad at pronunciations and they can't fix the lines. 

- It's nice. I'd like you to adjust the range of the song.

- It's fine. 

- I think Twice would do a lot better if they lowered the pitch a little bit.

- I think this is okay? Her voice is good. 

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