Knetz react to TWICE first stage of new song 'BETTER' at Music Station!

Japanese new songs seem to fit well in the range.

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Netizen comments : 

- Nayeon did well~ 

- They did well at stage. 

- Isn't it so pretty?ᅮᅮ It's too bad that the stage is short

- Nayeon, you're pretty. You're all good at live.

- It's so pretty. The song is so nice.

- The song is good~ 

- A good song. That's easy to hear

- Oh, the song is nice. Our country has very good to work on this song.

- Oh, it must have been easier to sing. Momo's voice isn't that annoying. It's okay.

- You're pretty and good. I love your song.

- You're good. You're so pretty. 

- I really like this song. 

- Nayeon and Jihyo really good~ 

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