Knetz crazily in love about aespa Karina's beauty in the new selca!

I want you to send me lots of selfies.🥺🥺

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Netizen comments : 

- I want to take a selfie with Bubble...

- Heol This is so pretty. Where did it come from?

- I think she's going to be a great communicator.

- Me too.. I like Karina too..

- Karina is already Instagram Star~ 

- I didn't know because I only saw your face, but the clothes are amazing.ㅋㅋ  Is there a character on it?

- I'm surprised every time I see her face. She's so pretty.

- You must be good at bubbles after watching TMI today. Just think about it... ㅠ Please hurry... 

- Wow, it's feel like a Chinese girl group? I can feel it. Maybe it's about the outfit.

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