Knetz amazed at how good AESPA member in the choreography video for their debut song 'Black Mamba'!

Turning your neck? The choreography! I guess they did it a little bit because it's a music show. In the dance practice video, everyone is good at dancing.

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Netizen comments : 

- I know right, it's cool.

- The choreography video is better than in the music show.

- They're good at dancing.

- The proportion is EVA.

- Karina, I understand why you're at the center...

- Agree, the choreography video is good.

- Wow it's cool.

- They're really amazing at dancing. 

- Oh, good. That's why the choreography video is good.

- I love it, aespa the best. 

- Karina, that part is really good.

- Wow Karina really the best. 

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