Knetz amazed at how BTS new album 'BE' already surpassed 1,23million album copies sales as soon as it's release!

 I heard there's no video call fan signing in type 1. It's amazing.

+photo card random ❌

The song is so good.

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Netizens comments :

- Wow.. 

- Whoa... 

- 1 type.. 

- Is it true that they've only made a comeback in 40 minutes???

- No I mean, is this real? 

- Oh, my God. Mine hasn't been invoiced yet.

- ??!??

- This is crazy.. 

- Heol.. 

- It's amazing. 

- For your information, it's a deluxe album that costs 40,000 won.

- Crazy. My singer really. 

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