Knetz adore how cute the combination of MC NCT Jaehyun, APRIL Naeun and MONSTA X Minhyuk for SBS Inkigayo!

MinNaHyun Forever💞

You should also see the princess with short hair.🤗

The mirror selfie that the princess put up.

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 Netizen comments : 

- Looks like three faces from school.

But we're always together, so we're more famous.

- Naeun, you're so pretty.

- The best..

- Wow..

- Cute ㅠㅠ

- Where did the better full-body picture come up?

- Heol the combination. 

- Naeun really..

- I really like the combination.. 

- Is there a better picture of Jaehyun's Instagram?

- Heol MinNaHyun the best.

- Like a high school student who has a good grade.. So pretty. 

- I really like MinNaHyun~ 

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