BTS to make a surprise appearance in 'Immortal Song' through VCR, Knetz comments.

 The group BTS makes a surprise appearance in "Immortal Songs" and meets with viewers.

 According to a broadcasting official on the 7th, Pdogg, known as a composer dedicated to BTS, will appear as an artist in KBS 2T V's "Immortal Songs" scheduled to air on the 14th. In this broadcast, BTS which has worked with Pdogg several times, will appear in the show. The 'Immortal' crew interviewed about the relationship between BTS and Pdogg, and made it public through VCR.

The vcr is coming. 

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Netizen comments :

- Why am I even more surprised that there's Pdogg? 

- Oh my. 

- Heol. I'm surprised with the title. 

- Wow I'm surprised. 

- I'm surprise;;  I thought they're really coming. 

- It's going to be fun!! 

- Whoa. 

-Wow it's amazing. 

- Heol. 

- Pdogg??? 

- Heol that's great. 

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