BTS break more and more new record in 'Billboard Hot 100' with their new song 'Life Goes On'!


1. The first non-English song to reach the top of Hot100 (first in Korean)

2.The first band in U.S. history to win first place simultaneously in single (hot 100) and album (200)

3. First time in U.S. history to rank first to sixth on digital song sales charts (row up)

4. The First Group to Enter the Hot 100 of More than Two Songs in History

5.Singer who made the top three hot 100s in the fastest time in this century (all last three months)

This song has achieved five first-time records alone.

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Netizens comments :

- Wow that's amazing. 

- Amazing. 

- That's crazy 

- It's really amazing. It's amazing. I'm watching this live? this feeling

- Wow what is this, it's awesome.. 

- They're so cool! 

- Crazy, I got goosebumps. 

- Wow, that's amazing.

And the fans are so great.

I hope it works out better in the future.

- BTS is awesome, congratulations! 

- I'm so proud! 

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