After Seo Yeji, Actor Kim Namgil reportedly will join as the lead cast for the upcoming OCN Drama 'Island'.

 Actor Kim Namgil turns into a monster hunter.

"Kim Namgil will play the main character of the OCN drama 'Island'," a drama official told Daily Sports on the 4th.

"Island" is a man who needs a woman to end a cursed life of immortality and a woman who does not know the sad and cruel fate and destiny. And the exorcist, who was so guilty of failing to protect a girl. It is a heartwarming and bizarre exorcism fantasy in which those who are blessed with the scenery but who are unlikely to fit in against the backdrop of Ireland with evil darkness join forces to protect and sacrifice.

Kim Namgil turns into a half monster who is too sexy to offset all of this, although his ability to adapt to reality in the drama is remarkably poor. One day he hunt monsters, cut monsters, and kill monsters like that. Always committing terrible killings, he doesn't feel any emotion.

Kim Namgil has chosen Island as his next film since last year's "The Fiery Priest." The film will be filmed in Island before spring next year. Although his exclusive contract with C-Jes Entertainment has recently expired and he is receiving a lot of management calls, he is expected to take his own route for the time being.

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